Flash the hedgehog

Flash the hedgehog

Flash is my main man he is the main focus and the inspiration for this page but remember people Flash is a trademark and an official copyrighted character and you will not be able to edit or change the pictures of him because if i catch anyone editing pictures of him i will sue people so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Flash The hedgehog Edit

Name: Flash

Full name: Flash R

Age: 19

Gender: male

Height: 4,7

Weight: 110 kg/s

Family: 18 year old sister  (unknown name) ( location unknown... to him)

species: Hedgehog

Skin color: light gray

Eye color: organic eye green, cybernetic eye blue

Attire: none, Ghostbusters hat (worn only when ghostbusting), Freddy hat ( worn only when at freddy's)

Alighnment: Good

Likes: Ghostbustin', being a cyborg, His best friend Flare the wolf, a tough challange (the tougher the better)

Dislikes: Evil,Failing at things, loosing at video games, loosing at life, wepons malfunctions, accedentely getting his cybernetics ripped off

Skills: Too many to put in a list... seriously.

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